China 2011: Land & Body





Visitors at the Shanghai Art Museum

Ms. Elizabeth Holland at Shanghai Art Museum with her painting Talitjarra (WAC 011 (L)/ 1992), showing the birthplace of the artist.

Mr. Fred Ward with his painting Tjingarri Wati Yulparirra ( WAC 022 (M)/ 1995)

Senior Warburton Community members and artists Mr. Fred Ward and Ms. Lalla West relax at the reception, Shanghai Art Museum.

Deputy Consul General Dene Yeaman and Ms. Lalla West at the opening Shanghai Art Museum

Installation Xi'An Art Museum 2011

Volunteers and museum staff during installation at Xi'An Art Museum, August 2011.

Vistitors Dongguan Guancheng Art Museum, November 2011

School workshop, Wuhan Art Museum, December 2011.

Deputy Ambassador to China Graeme Meehan and Exhibition Manager Ms. Zhou Ling Ling, Xi'An Art Museum, August 2011

Consul General To Connor, Deputy Consul General Dene Yeaman and senior chinese Government officials toast the opening of Tu Di Shen Ti - Our Land, Our Body at Nanjing Municipal Museum, April 2011.

Exhibition Manager Ms. Zhou Ling Ling showing Mr. Gary Dufour, Deputy Director, Art gallery of Western Australia around the exhibition at Zhejiang Provincial Museum's West Lake Gallery, where Tu Di Shen Ti was part of the 25 Years of Sister State Celebrations between Zhejiang Province and Western Australia. The Art Gallery of Western Australia was generous in its advice and support to Warburton Community for the touring project.

Nanjing Municipal Museum

Nanjing Municipal Museum

Exhibition Manager Ms. Zhou Ling Ling, Wuhan Art Museum installation, December 2011

Supported by the Australian Government through the Australia China Council, the Australia International Cultural Council, an initiative of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, and the Australia Council for the Arts.