Changsuo Jing Sheng
Spirit of Place

沃伯顿(Warburton Ranges)是澳大利亚最偏远的社区之一, 位于西部沙漠地区Ngaanyatjarra原住民的传统家园, 同时还是国际著名的沃伯顿Ngaanyatjarra艺术收藏的所在地。 这些藏品目前正在中国做第二次巡回展出。 Ngaanyatjarra艺术家非常愿意在南宁举行的东盟博览会上交流他们的艺术和文化。 - 馆长

这都是我们一起创作的 – 油画,玻璃,还有各种东西。这来自于我们的故事, 我们梦想时光中的故事。你们从各个不同的地方来看、来思考我们的作品, 我们很高兴。你瞧,这些都是我们创作的。


The Warburton Arts Community was very pleased to be part of the ASEAN Expo in Nanning. A key reason of our Tu DI Shen Ti - Our Land Our Body touring program of 16 Chinese museums bringing highlights from the collection to China in 2011 and again in 2013-2014 was been finding ways to share Australia’s diverse cultural heritage with other countries in Asia, and make friends.

Thirty paintings by Ngaanyatjarra artists were presented as an official part of the ASEAN Expo program at the Yongjiang Inlet Art Museum. The exhibition - with paintings by Nora Holland, Betty West, Norma Giles, Christine West, Olive Lawson, Lalla West, Madeleine Jackson and Debra West - was on display for 8 weeks. Besides adding to the profile of Ngaanyatjarra artists established by Tu Di Shen Ti at Yongjiang Inlet Art Museum in June 2013, the ASEAN Expo event attracted cultural business and marketing interests from across China. It thereby helped the Warburton Arts Community develop marketing research profiles for the sale of work by Warburton artists in China.

Warburton Ranges community is in the traditional homelands of the Ngaanyatjarra Aboriginal people, deep in the Western Desert of Western Australia. It is one of the most remote communities in Australia. It is also the home of the internationally renowned Warburton Collection and this, with over 1000 paintings and numerous works in textile and art glass, is one of the largest collections of Indigenous art held by Indigenous people themselves in the world. Now 25 years old, the Warburton Collection is a unique cultural repository and a tourism attraction of international significance.

Many years ago we realized that, besides strengthening Indigenous heritage values in our community, cultural expression could also be a way of building relationships with other people in other places. We were therefore delighted to bring the art of Ngaanyatjarra people to Nanning as part of this cultural gathering of Asian nations.

Supported by the Australian Government through the Australia China Council, the Australia International Cultural Council, an initiative of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, and the Australia Council for the Arts.