China 2011: Land & Body





Masterworks from the Warburton Collection

The 土地-身体 Tu Di - Shen Ti / Our Land, Our Body exhibition brought 65 master works from the Warburton Acrylic Collection to seven major museums in China. With over two years in planning it formed one of the key events for the Year of Australian Culture in China, Imagine Australia in 2011.

Shanghai Art Museum13/03/2011 - 08/04/2011
Nanjing Municipal Museum20/04/2011 - 23/05/2011
Today Museum, Beijing04/06/2011 - 26/06/2011
Zhejiang Art Museum07/07/2011 - 24/07/2011
Xi’An Art Museum14/08/2011 - 14/09/2011
Dongguan Guancheng Art Museum06/11/2011 - 26/11/2011
Wuhan Art Museum06/12/2011 - 01/01/2012

Tu Di Shen Ti was the largest exhibition of indigenous art ever to come to China and, following a highly successful debut at the prestigious Shanghai Art Museum where some 85,000 visitors viewed the Exhibition, it was seen by more than 250,000 Chinese people.

Tu Di Shen Ti was presented in the context of an indigenous cultural world. Art work was mounted in an installation that acknowledges Western Desert people and their world: genealogies, narrative text, photographs taken by indigenous school children, a 20 channel digital immersive environmental sound and data projected installation were important parts of the exhibition space. Translation of wall texts, captions and documentation was a priority to reach Chinese audiences. A high quality comprehensive bilingual catalogue was produced, along with guide notes and a substantial education kit for Chinese schoolchildren. The finest artworks from the Warburton Collection in a powerful, communicative installation format created a significant cultural occasion for Chinese and international visitors.

The exhibition was produced by the Warburton Arts Project with major touring partners Rio Tinto and was a Warburton Ranges Community initiative. Warburton Community is grateful to Rio Tinto and its other sponsors for their substantial help and support.

For information contact:

Curator, Gary Proctor, gary.proctor@warburtonarts.com

Visit the Imagine Australia website - www.imagineaustralia.net

Supported by the Australian Government through the Australia China Council, the Australia International Cultural Council, an initiative of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, and the Australia Council for the Arts.