Past, Present and Future Exhibitions

Ngayulu-latju tjungurringkula waarka pirninya palyalpayi, walka, kilarrpa puru kutjupa-kutjupa. Ngayuku-lampatju tjumangkatja nyakulatjaku-yan tjukurrtatja palyantja. Tjiina-latju pukurltu kulira nyuntulu-yan manta Australiala ngurra pirniwanalu pitjala kulira nyakulatjaku. Tjiinya ngayulu-latju palyantja.

这都是我们一起创作的 – 油画,玻璃,还有各种东西。这来自于我们的故事,我们梦想时光中的故事。你们从各个不同的地方来看、来思考我们的作品,我们很高兴。你瞧,这些都是我们创作的。伊丽莎白·霍兰德

We made all of this work together - paintings and different things. This comes from our stories, our dreamtime stories. We are happy for you people from all over different places to look and think about the work we have done. You see, these things were made by us.

Elizabeth Holland

Supported by the Australian Government through the Australia China Council, the Australia International Cultural Council, an initiative of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, and the Australia Council for the Arts.