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Very Important For Us
Written by Gary Proctor, Director ( 2013-03-12 11:40:00 ) This feels like it's going to be a long post - over the last couple of days I have had some enjoyable discussions about creating programs for Ngaanyatjarra scho...
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Photos at Wuhan
Written by Gary Proctor, Director ( 2013-03-10 10:45:00 ) One of the really nice things about Tu Di Shen Ti in China is working for five days with volunteers to set up the space. It starts with a meal together and ends...
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WAP Mascot & Party Animal
Written by Gary Proctor, Director ( 2013-03-08 05:01:00 ) The Warburton Arts mascot near it's home above an air conditioner outside the Collection rooms. Black Tailed Monitor Varanus Tristis - 'Mulumarru' in the Ngaany...
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Charles and my old 180mm
Written by Gary Proctor, Director ( 2013-03-06 19:25:00 ) In 1992 I saved up and bought a Nikon 180mm tele lens that took a lot of photos over the next ten years. It was a great lens, a solid chunk of glass that sat on...
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Written by Gary Proctor, Director ( 2013-02-28 09:30:00 ) Recent work uncovered old work by Arthur Robertson (dec) of his father's country at Tintjirra, where the Karlaya (Emu Men) came to perform ceremonies.

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China Tour 2013 - 2014
Written by Gary Proctor, Director ( 2013-02-27 04:50:00 ) We will be sending out our media release on China very soon, announcing an even bigger show than last time. And recent glass panels are very beautiful - better ...
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