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Michael's Passing

Written by Gary Proctor, Director ( 2013-02-14 18:00:00 )

We are very sad that a great friend to Warburton Arts has passed.

Michael often worked with us over the years, especially in 2010 when he lived with us in Warburton for several months. This was a time when we were rebuilding the Warburton Collection database, and besides valuing the whole collection Michael helped us in so many ways to bring everything together. He was always the same, full of energy and good humour, able to give sound practical advice, cheerful and dependable. We had great teams in those years and he was a central part of that.

He had a wonderful, encyclopaedic mind wedded to all this energy. I would often ask questions, he would pause for several seconds, fingers usually rolling a cigarette as his brain rerouted it's synaptic pathways, and then ... terrific streams of information, always compelling and important, or obliquely significant. We took so much advice on our opening tour to China from him for which I am so grateful. At a very important and difficult time in my own professional life working at Warburton he helped us immeasurably to realise our goals.

Michael loved art, understood it in its universal sense of having many forms, names and reasons for being, and he joyfully explored and inhabited in the best sense as many as he came across. Photo below half way through a roll up trying to put a price on Cyril Holland's masterwork WAC 017(M) from the Warburton Collection. These were happy times.

Michael loved China and my wife Ling and I were deeply touched when, like the wonderful friend he was, he came to our marriage in Nanjing. Like all his other friends and especially his family, we will miss him and remember him. Our dear friend.