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Written by Gary Proctor, Director ( 2013-02-12 11:15:00 )

If you wanted to represent a world that was all sacred, that had stories for everything, all in paint on canvas, how could you do it? I am long comfortable with the idea that dot painting does this, the way an Aboriginal artist represents the sacred, adorns and consecrates all of the surface as an action of the body in the world. That wet, glowing little point of colour at the end of a stick pushes into the surface again and again for a reason.

From the top Christine West "Wintjurru", Betty West "Minyma Pampa & Tjamu" (a bedtime story for Ngaanyatjarra children), and Cherelle Robertson "Kunma" - Fly Dreaming, Nola Hunt "Mother's birth country", Elizabeth Holland, painting in the rock shelter at Mitjika in 1994, Tjitarri & Nyi Nyi Dreaming.