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Du Fu Thatched Cottage Museum Opening

Written by Gary Proctor, Director ( 2014-06-11 19:30:00 )

I had this strong feeling all through this experience that if Du Fu was alive he would have helped us hang our show - after all he was an arts worker like us and he would have helped out his friends. Later on we'd all eat together and have a good time. There'd be key moments in the evening when you'd get those warm feelings of association with people, a sign that you were in the presence of new friends. After all we brought this all the way down and across from Haerbin in North Eastern China for the people of Chengdu, in the West . . . that is a long way, like right across Australia . . .

Australian Ambassador to China, H.E. Frances Adamson officially opened our edited Tu Di Shen Ti show at Du Fu Thatched Cottage and about 400 people attended. Ms. Julie Song from our good corporate friend Rio Tinto also spoke.

A real highlight was Kristian Benton setting up the mood with some really impressive didgeridoo playing - so good to have him with us. It was a very relaxed afternoon and everyone seemed to get a lot out of it. We are expecting about 45,000 visitors to our show here, based on daily averages supplied by the museum.

" if Du Fu was alive he would have helped us hang our show."

Kristian Benton, the hottest didge player in two hemispheres.

Admires the colours.

Kristian warms the vibe.

Australian Ambassador to China, H.E. Ms. Frances Adamson opening speech.

Ms Julie Song, General Manager External Relations, Rio Tinto China.

G. P. offers thanks.

Easily 400 people at the opening.

Explaining work to the Deputy Mayor of Chengdu.