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Sensational School Workshop at Heilongjiang Art Museum

Written by Gary Proctor, Director ( 2014-04-26 15:30:00 )

We have done many Tu Di Shen Ti workshops at many museums across China and now and then one stands out. This should not have been really good - there wasn't much time to prepare, the workshop structure wasn't properly discussed and so on - but the the feeling in the room was electric at times - very friendly and very positive - children don't know if there's been little preparation, for them it was just another day to explore and have fun with something quite different.

About 60 children and their families came from everywhere, including the countryside to paint plates inspired by Tu Di Shen Ti, which will now be fired and go on display. There ended up being about 400 people in the top gallery space. Over the next hour and a half everyone powered into it and at the end of the workshop everyone cued up for more photos. A lot of info ended up on WeChat and the whole affair was very high-energy stuff.

Also good to see our volunteers along again, and one of the things I feel sad about is knowing that I probably won't see so many new friends again, there's just this short time we have together. Still, I guess that's where the blessing lies, these rich moments of life together put all the rest of it into perspective.