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Heilongjiang Art Museum - Opening

Written by Gary Proctor, Director ( 2014-04-23 18:00:00 )

About 300 people attended the opening of Tu Di Shen Ti at the Heilongjiang Art museum in Harbin on the 22/4/2014. Heilongjiang is an important province for our major sponsor, Rio Tinto China, so we wanted to make this special, and we did.

The show came up beautifully in an ancient old building once the main bank in the province and the second floor where we had the official opening ceremony was especially nice. We had the event fully catered and two very charming musicians played throughout the afternoon and evening.

Director Zhang was the master of ceremonies and speaking were Mr. Chris Welton for Rio Tinto, Mr. Zhao the Provincial Deputy Governor, and myself. A painting by Christine West 'Seven Sisters at Pirakatja' 2012 was presented to the museum collection by Mr. Ren Binyan, General Manager Rio Tinto China.

I am so happy to be able to do something for Rio Tinto whenever I can, because they have been so generous with their support. It was especially pleasing to see Binyan again, who I first met in Beijing at Today Art Museum's opening in June, 2011. We are good friends now and always have a lot to share.

Once again I watched children find their own ways into the paintings and into the lives of Aboriginal kids in the photos. A few days later I would see all of them and many more again at a wonderful workshop we did at the museum: this time though I could watch their innocent curiosity wandering across the works and that was very nice indeed.

This has been a great venue where we were warmly welcomed and highly appreciated - our Australian show will be long remembered.