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Australia Week in China (AWIC) 2014

Written by Gary Proctor, Director ( 2014-04-12 07:37:00 )

Warburton Arts Community was an official part of the inaugural AWIC program from 6 April to 10 April, with an exhibition at the Pudong Shangri La Hotel in Pudong, Shanghai. We were also one of 24 AWIC sponsors.

The hotel has a small gallery on the second floor and adjacent wall spaces next to it and on the floor below were also offered to us; we hung eleven painting and installed two 4-panel art glass installations. The size of the show, less than a tenth of Tu Di Shen Ti in its usual 300 linear metre incarnations, made me think of art school again and the small shows we did there.

As part of the official program the show came with complimentary accommodation at the hotel and if you are in Shanghai why would you stay anywhere else but at the Pudong Shangri La? We have had friendliness this good but the levels of service were trully excellent. Sherryn Bates and her team really made us feel welcome in an environment that allowed us to work and then feel rested and happy quickly. We appreciated everything they did.

AWIC in Shanghai was a great opportunity to say thanks to staff at Rio Tinto China's Shanghai office and also our fiends at Orient International Logistics (OIL). We had to set up the show in OIL's Pudong warehouse - photos below - working with team that stayed with us to the final de-install at the hotel, and the loading for our next show in Harbin at the Heilongjiang Provincial Art Museum (opens 22 April).

It was also a real pleasure to give a floor talk to 25 members of Rio Tinto's Shanghai office that lasted for more than 90 minutes. They were very interested in the show and asked many questions about the work. Among them was our old friend Daniel Cochrane, RT Compliance Manager for China/ North Asia.

We had visits by Hon. Bruce Billson, Minister for Small Business, and WA Premier Colin Barnett. It was a good opportunity to pass on the scope of our regional development strategies - TES extensions, importance of tourism growth, etc - as well as let them know what we have down her with the tour over two years now.

We were guests at the Gala Lunch on Friday 11 April, hosted by Prime Minister Tony Abbott, along with 1800 other people. I was very surprised and best pleased to see the Warburton Arts Community logo projected repeatedly on large screens at ten places around the great banquet hall at Shanghai Expo Pavillion, where this event was held. Warburton Arts Community was one of 24 sponsors of AWIC 2014. A few years ago who could have known this. But now is not the time to rest, now is the time to really work as new times have brought new opportunities.

Hon. Bruce Billson, Minister for Small Business and Gary Proctor at the opening ceremony.

Gary Proctor, Premier Colin Barnett, Nathan Backhouse (WA Shanghai Office) and Mr. Yu Jun, Manager Procurement Rio Tinto China.

Mr. Julian Zhu (OIL Overseas Projects Manager), Mr. Yu Jun (Rio Tinto China), Gary Proctor, Mr. Yu Zhen (Assistant to GM, OIL), Mr. Fu Wei Yi (Imports Manager, OIL), Mr. Alex Robbins.

Some of the Rio Tinto Shanghai office staff at the floor talk 10/4/2014.