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Jiangxi Province Art Museum, 27 Dec 2013 - 16 Jan 2014

Written by Gary Proctor, Director ( 2014-02-23 12:00:00 )

Made very welcome in the Jiangxi Provincial Art Museum - what it lacked in resources it made up in warmth. Doing the honours for us were Mr. Michael Growder, Cultural Counsel Beijing Embassy and Ms Julie Song from Rio Tinto. I have noted elsewhere that the opening had a lot of really nice people in the room together and this was just the case. A lot of students came from the local university, also Directors from various smaller museums around Nanchang.

The Jiangxi Provincial Art Museum is another under-resourced space where staff work their hardest to make the best of it, Ms Lu being first among equals in the museum production team. Director Liu was a standout as well, very friendly and always there to help us along. We worked pretty hard but enjoyed the hanging and the space looked better than I had hoped at the end. Certainly everyone was very pleased and we had lots of positive feedback. Once again museum staff appreciated our ease of production and the way it all comes together without too much strain.

Besides half a dozen students who turned up every day - great fun and very enthusiastic - the installation team were a local crew who contracts in to the museum. Once again we all got on very well. In Nanchang I had the strong feeling that we have made so many new friends we will probably never see again, a sad thought. This was true for the hotel we stayed at as well; the Grand Skylight Hotel Kaimei is close to the museum at the edge of a lake, and staff there were amongst the most friendly we have met in China, and the service superb.

The whole time we were in Nanchang the temperature hovered between zero and single digits. Kind of had issues with that after a while - then left for Warburton and the drive across the desert home in 40 degrees.

Michael Growder, Cultural Counsel Australian Embassy Beijing, Director and Ms. Julie Song, Rio Tinto.

Students from the local university.

Installation team at Nanchang.