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Chongqing Fine Art Museum, 5 - 18 Dec 2013

Written by Gary Proctor, Director ( 2014-02-22 12:10:00 )

Consul General to Sichuan Nancy Gordon opened our show at Chongqing and it was great to be part of this new Australian Consultate's opening year in China.

Chongqing Fine Art Museum (CFAM) changed their dates and shortened the show due to another government sponsored show they were having. So it was a short stint and, while we had two very nice large hexagonal rooms to work with, the short timeframe and the lack of installation resources meant the full show couldn't be installed here. This was a shame, as the CFAM is set in the grounds of the Sichuan Fine Art University and it would have been great to work with student volunteers here. As it was they only put up a few thousand photos.

Our installation team here was made up of itinerant cobblers, who took a break from their shoe repairs when staff picked the from the street in front of the museum. They were all very nice people and we enjoyed each other's company a great deal. I really enjoy communicating with people non-verbally, the way I have to do it here. It is always engaging, always requires genuine effort and somehow at the end the whole occasion is enriched because of this. So often in China this has been the case for me.