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Recent Glass Panels

Written by Gary Proctor, Director ( 2013-02-04 06:00:00 )

Recent panels made for the China tour, the first large panels made in Warburton in almost ten years. Both the designs are by Kantjuri Bates and were purchased by Warburton Community for reproduction in glass in 1996-97. The designs have been scaled down and re-envisaged for 1830mm x 630mm format, so that they will transport and assemble in installations more easily on tour. The panels are 16mm thick and heavy enough; they will travel two to a crate.

The designs show places in the Kungkarrangkalpa (7 Sisters Dreaming) near the artist's home and birthplace at Wanarn. We hope to show them with paintings by the same artist in the collection.

We will be developing new designs for panels with Warburton artists over coming months, but for now these have allowed us to test our systems and also remind us how nice they look. Everybody gets a bit of energy.

Kungkarrangkalpa near Wanarn
1830 x 630mm x 16mmT (x 4)
Kanytjuri Bates & Warburton Arts Project 2012

Kungkarrangkalpa at Ngurrutjarrala
1830 x 630mm x 16mmT (x 4)
Kanytjuri Bates & Warburton Arts Project 2012

WAC 037 (L)
Date: 1993
Dimensions: 1825mm x 1875mm
Medium: Acrylic polymer on 15 - 18oz canvas