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China's PLA helps us unload in Kunming

Written by Gary Proctor, Director ( 2013-08-15 12:01:00 )

Warburton Arts was very pleased to have 8 members of the People's Liberation Army help us bring our crates and boxes in from the truck when it arrived in Kunming, Yunnan Province, far Southwestern China. This was arranged for us by the museum in advance.

The Yunnan Fine Arts Museum is on the first floor of a building without a large goods lift and so large crates carrying paintings and the smaller, though equally heavy, boxes holding art glass panels had to be man-handled up a three flights of stairs. We could not have done it ourselves and photos show the team on traffic control and bringing the work up (performed with lots of power expression). At the end of the unloading, when everything was inside, the first heavy shower associated with a typhoon to the south of Kunming came down and cleared the streets - we just beat the rain. At this point, their duty not done, the team carried all our luggage back to the hotel for us.

We invited all of them to the opening and were very happy to see more than half of them there.