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Lisa Ward glass

Written by Gary Proctor, Director ( 2013-04-12 16:40:00 )

About five years ago Lisa had a stroke, but here she is cutting refractories for her first glass with us in Warburton this afternoon. She was a little girl when she came with her mum and joined us for the first show I ever did for Warburton in Sydney 1989. Minymalu Kanyirrantja - A Western Desert Women's Aesthetic (exhibition of bowls with different patterns and related contextual stuff).

Along with other senior artists we all travelled together on the train from Kalgoorlie to Sydney, and back again when it was over. Other memories were travelling on the train through cuttings in the blue mountains, where orange/red lichen has covered all the rock. Stewart Davies turned to me and asked "Are there People here?" He wondered if Indigenous people had been covering the rocks, presumably sacred, with red ochre - the sort of thing you do when you are looking after country. Later on during a visit to the National Park near Waterfall Stewart found some thin straight young trees, which he promptly had me cut for spears. We took these all the way back to Warburton and I've often wondered what National Parks staff would have made of it, had they been there on the day.

But this thing with Lisa - this is community arts & so good to see; happiness for us at WAP.