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Photos at Wuhan

Written by Gary Proctor, Director ( 2013-03-10 10:45:00 )

One of the really nice things about Tu Di Shen Ti in China is working for five days with volunteers to set up the space. It starts with a meal together and ends with a banquet, and in between we have painted three layers of genealogies on the walls, stuck up all the text and paintings and then, at the end, we glue it all together with the Wanarn school children photos - there are 6127 of these to choose from.

In Wuhan these two girls were in charge of putting up the photos, and I told them to just put them where they thought they should go. This way there's a chance to be a bit surprised at outcomes, of seeing other ways to look at space.

This time I came into the room and found them just sticking photographs on top of each other, in layers up and up and up. It was beautiful because in its functional simplicity it captured the whole idea of all those photos being in the space in the first place, pointing to the thousands of instants of daily life another group of people on the other side of the world experienced. The girls would have looked at each one as well, a special connection for them.

It really is a great privilege to be part of these things and to work with people like this.