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WAP Mascot & Party Animal

Written by Gary Proctor, Director ( 2013-03-08 05:01:00 )

The Warburton Arts mascot near it's home above an air conditioner outside the Collection rooms. Black Tailed Monitor Varanus Tristis - 'Mulumarru' in the Ngaanyatjarra language - I am always happy to see it there.

The Wati Kutjarra (Two Mythic Men) who made so much country and song out here were two goannas, Kurrkatji the pale sand goanna (V. Gouldii) and Mulumarru, the seldom-seen dark tree goanna.

The painting below is by Elizabeth Holland from the Warburton Collection, WAC 463 (L), Wati Kutjarra near Lake Baker. Here, it is said, the Wati Kutjarra were delighted to find large amounts of wild tobacco growing, all of which they ate. They were sick for days and their vomit created the Lake.