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North China Museums

Written by Gary Proctor, Director ( 2013-01-01 06:58:00 )

Currently in Nanjing for the New Year after confirming museums in Huhehaote, Inner Mongolia, and Urumqi in Xinjiang Province, and seeing old friends at Guancheng Art Museum (our partners for the next tour) in Dong Guan. Minus 20 up North China way and lots of snow, lots of rescheduled travel as flights delayed.

Photo at Huhehaote National Museum, govt. place, with Dep. Director Sung, Museum Director, Communist Party Leader Ms Gao, myself, Ling, public relations manager Ms. Cui and the gallery manager whose name I have misplaced (but a friendly man who will be great to work with). Incredible finishes in this museum but no goods elevator (sighs - 2 flights of stairs to the top!). Elsewhere Ling and I are wearing our blue silk presentation scarves as honoured guests from afar - blue being the colour of Heaven in Mongolian culture. Wonderful meal together that evening, northern Chinese cuisine was unlike anything I've ever had. Director Wu trained as a professional Chinese opera singer and did a couple of numbers; I could only respond with a Scottish folksong by Steeleye Span, but this went over very well. Great night and new friends. Other photos museum at Huhehaote and 10:30am Urumqi. Deb Grant was reporting temperatures of 47 degrees at Warburton around this time.